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Navigating real estate conflicts can incur significant expenses, irrespective of whether the matter involves residential or commercial property. It’s crucial to engage a Washington DC real estate litigation attorney well-versed in the intricate and specialized nature of these cases. Skilled representation is vital, especially when facing formidable law firms and large corporations. With years of expertise in addressing Washington DC clients’ real estate litigation concerns, Zaharevich Law Office offers the seasoned counsel you require.

Real Estate Litigation

Washington, DC, presents a unique legal landscape, particularly given the heightened homeowner protections afforded by the laws of the District of Columbia. Additionally, practitioners must navigate a myriad of specialized statutes before taking any legal action. Zaharevich Law Office is adept at handling a diverse range of real estate litigation issues commonly faced by Washington, DC clients, including but not limited to:

Commercial Landlord-Tenant: Commercial landlord-tenant disputes often involve complex issues surrounding existing or newly-drafted lease agreements. Such conflicts may require specialized legal insight to navigate effectively and resolve.

Breach of Real Estate Contract: Breach of contract can result in significant financial and legal repercussions for the parties. Skilled representation is essential when pursuing the most effective remedies, whether it’s enforcing contract terms or seeking damages.

Undisclosed Material Facts: Undisclosed material facts related to the property can be challenging to uncover and prove. Addressing these issues is critical for safeguarding your investment and may require legal intervention to resolve.

Real Estate Fraud: Real estate fraud ranges from wire fraud costing victims over $220 million annually to fraudulent sales by parties with no legal ownership of the property. Pursuing deception and misrepresentation by a party is a passion at Zaharevich Law Office.

Consumer Protection Act Claims: The Consumer Procedure Protection Act requires businesses to act honestly in good faith and to make accurate representations during transactions. A claim under the Act arises when a company violates any of the enumerated paragraphs in D.C. Code § 28–3901 et. seq.

Property Title Issues: Quiet title actions and boundary dispute lawsuits are filed to clear clouds and encumbrances on title for Washington DC real estate. A title insurance claim under the policy may provide some relief.

Insurance Claims: It is possible that your insurance company unfairly denies a claim. When this happens, you may need to seek legal advice or take legal steps to sort it out.

Escrow Deposit Conflicts: If there’s disagreement on the rules for handling the escrow money, the title company typically hands it over to the local court. After that, both parties must go to court to make their case for why they should get the funds.

Residential Landlord Issues: Should you, as a landlord, need to remove a tenant and fail to come to terms outside of court, you could end up in legal proceedings. Guidance through the D.C. Superior Court’s landlord-tenant section may be valuable.

Partition or Sale in Lieu Of: Initiating a partition lawsuit enables a co-owner of a property to compel its sale to obtain their rightful portion of the proceeds.

Condominium Association Conflicts: Disputes can surface in the condominium setting involving homeowners, the HOA, contractors, and insurers. These disagreements may pertain to CC&Rs, member relations, construction issues, and more.

DC Code Enforcement in Housing: Enforcement officers oversee compliance with building safety standards, codes, and regulations applicable to commercial, residential, and industrial properties, aiming to safeguard public safety, health, and well-being.

Eminent Domain: Under the Fifth Amendment, the government can acquire private property for public purposes, so long as fair compensation is given. Such acquisitions lead to disputes regarding the seizure or compensation.

Commercial Real Estate Disputes: Conflicts in commercial real estate, covering a range of properties like malls and office buildings, often lead to litigation due to their complexity and high financial stakes. Whether the issue is in financing, construction, or management, legal counsel can guide you through resolving the dispute effectively and protect your interests.

Hiring a Washington DC Real Estate Litigation Attorney

If you’re dealing with a real estate dispute in any of the areas mentioned earlier, it’s imperative to consult a knowledgeable Washington, DC, real estate litigation attorney without delay. Various claims in this field come with specific deadlines and guidelines that must be adhered to, making qualified legal advice crucial for a successful outcome. Schedule an initial consultation to find out how Zaharevich Law Office can assist you.