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Untangling construction disputes for property owners

Assessing the intricacies of a construction contract dispute in Washington, DC, is not an easy task. These contracts contain complicated legal terms, with often numerous parties involved and a lack of obvious answers to specific questions. A Washington DC Construction Defect Lawyer will provide robust representation and strategic counsel to resolve even complex disputes. To address their concerns, property owners and professionals rely on Zaharevich Law Office for experienced and thoughtful legal guidance.

After devising a plan to resolve a case, we provide continuing advice and counsel to navigate the issues that arise during construction-related disputes. Whether your concern involves construction defects, permitting, delays, or a contract dispute, we will thoroughly explore your options and steer you down the optimal legal path, working toward the best possible result with the least amount of pain.

For a comprehensive understanding of your case, including potential claims, defenses, and other legal considerations, please schedule a free consultation with Zaharevich Law Office.

Construction Contract Litigation in Washington, DC

Construction litigation is prevalent in Washington, DC. New construction and renovations are not without issues, leading owners to seek legal representation to resolve disputes. Effective communication and well-drafted documents can reduce the potential for construction contract disputes.

Construction defects can manifest as construction flaws or design errors, sometimes due to a lack of skill or experience on the contractor’s part. These defects will almost certainly cause additional cost, expense, frustration, and stress on the property owner.

Construction defects are patent or latent:

Patent Flaws: Easily noticeable defects such as code violations or contractor omissions.

Latent Flaws: Hidden or not immediately apparent, like structural defects or faulty plumbing or electrical systems.

Zaharevich Law Office has experience with the following types of construction defects and contract disputes:

  • Foundation Problems and Water Intrusion
  • Structural Deficiencies
  • Poor quality of work and defective construction
  • Contractor Omissions and Concealment
  • Budget and Cost Overruns
  • Non-Performance and Delays
  • Piping or Plumbing Issues
  • Electrical and Heating System Failures
  • Flooring and Wall Issues
  • Soil Preparation and Analysis Failures

Pursuing legal action—through formal negotiations, arbitration, or litigation—may entail high costs, but it might be the only option. A first step might include contacting the opposing party to determine if a settlement is possible. A good understanding of a case’s various complexities and potential challenges is vital to making a sound decision.

Permit and Certificate of Occupancy Problems

Securing a certificate of occupancy or the appropriate permits is a fundamental aspect of construction projects, be it a new building, commercial space or a renovation. The nature and scope of the project will determine which permits are necessary. Common permit types include those for structural changes, electrical work, mechanical installations, plumbing modifications, and even demolition when applicable.

Often, the general contractor assumes responsibility for obtaining the necessary permits and scheduling inspections. However, it’s crucial for the construction contract to state which party bears this obligation explicitly. Failing to secure the proper permits can result in hefty fines, and the construction activities may even be halted until compliance is met.

The ramifications for non-compliance with permitting requirements can be severe. Businesses and owners may face financial penalties or even suspension of the project through a stop work order.

Mechanic’s Liens in Construction Disputes

Mechanic’s liens serve as a placeholder and encumbrance on title. The statutory framework for these mechanisms gives the vendor the right to file a lien against the property. However, the process is strictly regulated. Ultimately, the liens can result in the forced sale of the property to satisfy unpaid debts, so consulting legal counsel might be beneficial to ensure compliance with the statute.

Addressing Construction Warranty Claims

Warranties guarantee that contractors and subcontractors will adhere to specific quality standards and contractual obligations. They play an indispensable role in safeguarding the interests of all parties involved in a construction project. However, the reality is that warranty breaches do occur, and the implications can be severe when they do.

Claims often arise due to substandard construction, non-compliance with the construction contract, or property damage. Addressing a breached warranty claim can be complex, often requiring legal expertise to establish liability and determine appropriate redress. A construction litigation attorney specializing in such matters can guide you through your legal options, helping to ensure you are adequately compensated for any loss or damages incurred.

Navigating Insurance Coverage Disputes in Construction

Insurance-related disputes can arise in various situations, including property damage and the applicability of coverage for breach of contract. Often, the point of contention is whether the insurance policy covers the specific issues. These disputes can significantly complicate construction projects or result in a complete breakdown of the relationship.

Law Firm for Construction Contract Disputes in Washington, DC

Construction-related disputes are not only complex but can involve a multitude of parties—contractors, subcontractors, and property owners. While it may be tempting to resolve these issues through cooperation or mediation, there are instances where only specialized legal avenues like construction litigation or arbitration will suffice.

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