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Washington DC Commercial Lease Agreements

Whether you’re a property owner leasing space or a business owner searching for the right location, a well-negotiated and drafted commercial lease is the foundation for the venture’s success. Leveraging years of drafting experience with lease agreements, Zaharevich Law Office can provide you with a professional advocate acting in your best interest to memorialize an agreement that is perhaps the most impactful on the business. From drafting anew to evaluating current leases, Zaharevich Law Office can equip you with the assistance you need to make informed decisions and walk away from the negotiating table with a quality lease.

Protect Your Business’s Contractual Rights

Crafting a balanced, clear, and sound lease agreement for your retail, office, or restaurant business requires understanding the potential pitfalls as best as possible. Allow Zaharevich Law Office to be at your side at one of the most critical stages of your business’s life cycle.

Triple-Net Leases — Triple-net leases require the tenant to pay rent and many of the landlord’s expenses as additional rent. Often, the terms related to payment of these sums as additional rent are unclear and unsubstantiated. Terms related to all amounts due and their due dates should be apparent upon reading the four corners of the lease agreement.

Permitting and licensing — Businesses requiring extensive renovation may encounter challenges before opening their doors. The business must consider whether zoning allows for the proposed use and how long it may take to be fully operational in the space. Zaharevich Law Office can assist businesses with permitting and licensing questions related to retail, eating and drinking, and office space.

Drafting for contingencies — A skilled drafter attempts to include as many favorable terms for their client as possible. The drafter must give attention to potential problems that might arise, foresee these, and determine how to best address the problem beforehand.

Lease Termination — Disputes may inevitably arise. A constructive discussion begins with understanding each party’s obligations and rights under the lease agreement. If you need a workout or settlement, Zaharevich Law Office can negotiate on your behalf and help you arrive at fair and reasonable terms.

With a decade of experience in the Washington, DC, real estate market, Zaharevich Law Office is equipped to evaluate factors that can impact your rights and obligations under a commercial lease agreement or the suitability of a location being considered. By forging close relationships with our clients and rigorously scrutinizing each commercial lease agreement, we can help spot potential issues or obligations that could result in unexpected consequences.

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