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Providing Real Estate Contract and Litigation Advice and Counsel

Zaharevich Law Office tailors its approach to legal strategies to meet the needs of each client and their unique real estate related concerns to provide dedicated and effective counsel in Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

Residential Buyer Real Estate Contracts

For over a decade, Zaharevich Law Office has adeptly represented both first-time and seasoned home buyers in transactions ranging from regular homes to large estates.  With a portfolio encompassing hundreds of real estate dealings, our experience is broad and significant.  Our guidance extends through the entirety of the buying process, steering clients clear of common real estate pitfalls. Known for our meticulous attention to detail, we prioritize educating you comprehensively about your purchase. This extends beyond mere listing details; it involves alerting you to any potential defects, legal complications, or liens on the property that may escape notice without expert evaluation.

Residential Seller Real Estate Contracts

When representing sellers, Zaharevich Law Office ensures a seamless journey from your initial listing all the way to closing. Our paramount objective is to facilitate the smooth transfer of sale proceeds to you, devoid of unexpected complications.  Key to this is empowering you with a thorough understanding of your property’s legal status. For example, one essential service we offer involves identifying and addressing all existing property and title defects to prevent any hindrances during the transaction.

Commercial Real Estate

With extensive contract expertise, the commercial real estate attorney at Zaharevich Law Office serves businesses of varying sizes and complexity.  We offer comprehensive legal services that cover the full spectrum of commercial real estate, including the drafting and negotiation of purchase contracts and leases. However, our work extends beyond mere transactions; we’re committed to building long-lasting relationships, forging strong partnerships, and instilling a foundation of trust with each engagement.

Commercial Landlord/Tenant

With over a decade of experience, Zaharevich Law Office serves commercial landlords and tenants in fulfilling their contract goals. Our expertise encompasses the crafting and negotiation of commercial leases, as well as assisting in build-outs and securing tenant concessions, licensing, and permitting. Additionally, we have a strong track record in both enforcing lease agreements and defending against allegations of lease default for landlords and tenants alike.

Homeowner’s & Condominium Associations

Zaharevich Law Office represents condominium associations and homeowner’s associations, and their members, within the ever-changing legal landscape that HOA association officers, managers, developers, and board members navigate. From matters such as dues collection and bylaw amendments to turnover challenges, and conversions, the law firm stands ready to offer your HOA unparalleled legal guidance and representation.

Real Estate Construction & Development

As the construction sector witnesses a notable flatting, Zaharevich Law Office continues to leverage its experience in aiding developers from project inception to final sale. We offer comprehensive resources for negotiation and financing, tailored to your needs. Drawing from our extensive experience in real estate construction and development, we can formulate a plan to address your unique challenges and objectives. Over the years, we’ve acted as legal counsel for multiple residential developments in Washington, D.C.

Breach of Real Estate Contract

Disputes in real estate frequently emerge due to contractual breaches by one of the parties involved. Such conflicts often arise when a seller unjustly fails to transfer title to the buyer or when a default occurs in a purchase agreement or related contract. Subject to any limitations specified in the governing legal document, the aggrieved party generally has access to four basic legal remedies, which may include equitable relief, damages, and other costs and fees, depending on the terms of the contract.

Commercial Loan Workouts

For commercial property owners or developers facing difficulties in meeting their loan obligations, a commercial loan workout presents a viable solution. The objective is to negotiate a settlement figure that the lender will deem acceptable, thereby fulfilling and discharging the loan or otherwise establishing new mutually acceptable terms. To arrive at such a favorable resolution, expert negotiation skills and experience are essential.

Tax Liens & Tax Deed Certificates

If property taxes go unpaid, the taxing authority issues tax certificates, auctioned publicly to cover the tax debt. While these certificates act as secured liens against the property, they do not constitute a transfer of ownership. Yet, if a tax certificate remains unsettled for the statutorily imposed period, the certificate holder can file a civil action essentially foreclosing the right of redemption and obtaining a tax sale deed, potentially gaining ownership of the property as a result.

Real Estate Agent & Client Disputes

The purchase of real estate often represents the most significant financial investment for individuals or organizations. However, the complexities inherent in these transactions can create misunderstandings between real estate brokers, agents and clients, who may believe they share a unified perspective when, in reality, they may only have a partial or even no mutual understanding at all.  In addition, parties to real estate contracts such as purchase agreements and exclusive representation agreements must be sure to understand each clause in the agreement to completely understand their rights, duties and obligations.

Liens and Encumbrances

A property lien serves as a legal claim against real estate, entitling the lienholder to a designated sum upon the property’s sale. Such liens can particularly complicate the acquisition process, as they serve as title encumbrances that need to be carefully considered. Liens fall into two categories: voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary liens arise from agreements between a creditor and debtor, such as a mortgage recorded by a bank when providing a property loan. In contrast, involuntary liens are imposed by law and commonly include liens for unpaid taxes or other outstanding debts.

Partition & Sale In Lieu of Partition

Partition and Sale in Lieu of Partition are legal avenues aimed at resolving disputes over co-owned properties, such as tenants in common. A partition action is a court-ordered division of property, either by physically separating the property or allocating ownership percentages and distributing proceeds from a sale.  A sale in lieu of partition is appropriate when division of real property would cause damage and injury to the property. 

Security Deposits & Interpleader

A frequent point of contention arises when a deal unravels, leaving both parties disputing their entitlement to the escrow funds. While buyers and sellers both aim for a smooth and straightforward real estate transaction, the complex and sometimes ambiguous terms of their agreements can lead to disputes.  When a real estate transaction falls through, the escrow funds remain in escrow until the dispute is resolved.

Title Insurance Claims

Obtaining title insurance is an essential measure for safeguarding your investment in real estate. This policy can offer protection against unexpected legal issues, including but not limited to, hidden liens, fraudulent deeds, or inaccuracies in public records. Should you come across a defect in the title, filing a claim is your initial action to engage with the insurance provider concerning the matter at hand. A successful claim has the potential to not only cover the financial loss but also handle legal fees and settlement expenses.


Zaharevich Law Office regularly advises landlords of residential homes, office buildings and retail space concerning their leasing needs. The Firm also represents tenants in connection with their lease negotiations with landlords.

Oftentimes real estate and associated activities are exciting milestones with long lasting consequences, and these activities inherently involve people and processes.  The goal is always to prevent problems from occurring and to remedy legal matters in the most efficient manner.  In all cases, the firm is ready to advise clients of their options and advocate zealously to achieve a favorable result.

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