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Meticulous and Detailed Probate and Estate Administration Services in Washington, D.C., and Maryland

Zaharevich Law Office assists clients in their probate and administration cases with meticulous detail in Washington, DC and Maryland. Navigating through probate can be emotionally overwhelming, especially when disputes or allegations mire the process. Compassionate yet trustworthy legal representation becomes indispensable in such critical situations, especially involving substantial estates or fraught family dynamics. With over a decade of collective legal experience, Daniel Zaharevich is a Washington, DC, Probate Administration Lawyer committed to safeguarding your rights and interests in the complexities of probate litigation.

Will Contests

Challenging a will can be based on various grounds, such as claims that the testator lacked mental capacity at the time of creation, failure to adhere to statutory procedures, or being subject to undue influence from caregivers or family members. Such challenges are frequently brought forth by omitted or disinherited heirs, often in modern families where a newer will favors the spouse or offspring from a second marriage. The situation becomes even more intricate when the will attempts to distribute properties subject to specific conditions or constraints.

On the other hand, multiple wills or modifications to an existing will can escalate the complexity of probate litigation. These scenarios call for astute legal guidance whether you are contesting or defending a will. Daniel Zaharevich is ready to provide expert and intelligent representation in even the most multifaceted probate disputes.

Trust and Beneficiary Disputes

Much like wills, trusts can be subject to legal challenges on the grounds of undue influence, mainly when the trust’s settlor was in declining health or created the trust after entering a second marriage. Additional points of contention may arise around the settlor’s mental competency, the trust’s validity of purpose, whether beneficiaries are sufficiently identified, and cases where a single individual is both the sole trustee and beneficiary.

Litigation in probate also often includes actions to remove a trustee for negligence or misconduct and seeks to recover any losses due to poor estate management by the trustee. Trustees are bound by fiduciary duties, which include demonstrating loyalty and impartiality to all beneficiaries, prudent investment management, and avoiding conflicts of interest or self-dealing. Our legal team offers skilled representation in probate litigation involving trustees, addressing issues ranging from accounting disputes to surcharge actions.

Personal Representatives

Like a trustee, a personal representative of an estate, whether serving as an executor or administrator, holds fiduciary duties toward the estate’s heirs. Litigation can ensue when these duties are perceived to have been violated. This complexity often heightens when the personal representative is also an heir to the estate. In such cases, questions may arise as to whether actions taken to enhance the estate’s value were intended for the collective benefit of the estate or to favor the representative personally. Our probate attorneys at Zaharevich Law Office specialize in navigating these intricate probate litigation issues.

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