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Helping Individuals and Businesses Throughout Washington, DC and Maryland

Zaharevich Law Office serves individuals and businesses in Washington, DC and Maryland, focusing on commercial and civil litigation. Daniel Zaharevich brings a wealth of experience handling diverse business disputes.  Although he makes every effort to resolve matters amicably and keep our clients out of court, he will not hesitate to prosecute zealously if the situation demands it. Always aligned with your specific goals, Zaharevich Law Office leverages skill, experience, and commitment to navigate complex legal challenges and seek efficient resolutions for our clients. Your legal needs are our top priority.

The Washington DC and Maryland business, commercial, and general civil litigation practice at Zaharevich Law Office includes the following areas of law.  Call Zaharevich Law Office for help with your most pressing legal needs.

Commercial Leasing

Commercial leasing is a critical aspect of business law that involves multifaceted, long-term agreements between landlords and tenants. These agreements govern various elements, including rent calculations, lease terms, and maintenance responsibilities.  Daniel Zaharevich has experience drafting and negotiating commercial leases, ensuring that landlords and tenants are protected. The firm also assists with disputes and commercial lease eviction litigation and judgments.

Business Creation and Licensing

At Zaharevich Law Office, we understand that setting up a new business involves more than just an idea; it requires navigating a maze of legal requirements, including licensing, permitting, and obtaining certificates of occupancy.  From assisting with forming your business entity to ensuring compliance with zoning laws and building codes, we handle the intricacies of securing the necessary licenses and permits.  Your business demands your focus and attention.  Let us help with the legal complexities of your business.

Breach of Contract

A contract is at the core of each business interaction—whether with clients, customers, vendors, or real estate stakeholders. Disputes often surface when one party believes the other has not met their contractual obligations, be it in terms of payment or performance. The clarity of contract terms can vary, leading to differing interpretations of parties’ respective rights and duties. Additionally, some contracts exist in verbal form or undergo oral amendments post-execution, further complicating matters. Our practice excels in interpreting, upholding, and drafting intricate contractual agreements. We start by assessing your legal position, guiding you through your available options, and offering high-quality legal advocacy based on your selected course of action.

Business Torts

Business disputes can arise even without formal contractual ties between rival businesses or the general public. Our commercial litigation lawyer, Daniel Zaharevich, advocates for clients in cases involving allegations such as fraud, deceptive commercial conduct, anticompetitive behavior, and wrongful interference with existing contracts. Torts in a business context can expose owners to a higher financial risk than simple contract breaches. These issues demand proactive, efficient, and skillful legal management.

Real Estate and Construction Litigation

Our construction litigation practice covers many issues, including missed deadlines, code violations, and breach of contract.  Regarding construction-specific litigation, Zaharevich Law Office represents clients in various matters such as contractual disagreements, malpractice claims against design professionals, insurance coverage issues, mechanic’s liens, and allegations of construction defects.

 Other Business and Commercial Matters

Our business litigation practice includes representation in corporate litigation matters such as partnership disputes and shareholder derivative suits. In addition, we represent parties in the full range of employment law litigation, including covenants not to compete, employment agreement disputes, employment discrimination claims and wage and hour disputes.

Partnership and Shareholder Disputes and Dissolutions

We act on behalf of individual and business clients, navigating them through various legal matters. These include contractual disagreements, disputes over compensation, breaches of fiduciary responsibilities, and director and officer liability issues. We also protect the interests of majority and minority shareholders and adeptly handle internal conflicts that can emerge in entities of all sizes, from boutique partnerships to large-scale corporations.

Director and Officer Liability

Directors and officers of corporations are bound by fiduciary obligations to prioritize the company’s well-being over personal gains. While shareholders may be well-intentioned, they often lack the specialized knowledge to evaluate management decisions accurately. We advocate for clients in director and officer liability cases and shareholder derivative actions, serving the Washington, D.C., area.

Commercial Collections

Managing a thriving enterprise is challenging enough without the added burden of overseeing commercial collections. At Zaharevich Law Office, we offer services for business-to-business collection processes, alleviating you of this cumbersome responsibility. We aim for prompt and effective resolutions using tools like garnishments and executing on property.  Should litigation become unavoidable, you can rely on our robust trial experience and capabilities to deliver a favorable outcome.

General Counsel for Companies

Numerous enterprises need ongoing legal guidance for the myriad of issues that naturally arise during daily business operations. However, not every business has the resources or needs a full-time in-house legal team. Zaharevich Law Office offers on-demand general corporate counsel services tailored to understand your business’s culture and operations from the outset. Whether it’s contract review and drafting or litigation, we’re fully equipped to manage any business-related disputes you may face. As your external general corporate counsel, we integrate seamlessly into your existing structure, addressing your legal challenges without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Should you or your organization need legal help for corporate or business issues, feel free to contact the office online or by phone at 202-747-6478 to arrange a consultation.