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A Maryland Landlord-Tenant Attorney Can Help You Avoid Problems

Landlord and Tenant Lawyer

Becoming a landlord can be rewarding in generating income and utilizing your property effectively. However, it’s not a decision to be made lightly. Prospective landlords must address numerous considerations, as well as landlord-tenant laws and regulations, before converting a property into a rental. Similarly, businesses and individuals looking to rent rather than buy a property must consider these factors carefully.

If you are considering becoming a landlord, revising your current property management approach, or dealing with legal issues with your tenants or landlord, Zaharevich Law Office PLLC offers skilled, experienced counsel to help you develop and implement a strategy that serves your best interests.

Maryland attorney Daniel Zaharevich has assisted numerous landlord and tenant clients in commercial and residential matters. To learn more about how our office can assist you, call 202-747-6478 or fill out our online form.

Washington, DC-based Zaharevich Law Office PLLC Represents Maryland Clients

For Residential and Commercial Landlords

Having a knowledgeable landlord-tenant attorney is invaluable for navigating landlords’ specific challenges. Attorney Daniel Zaharevich has a comprehensive understanding of protecting landlords from potential litigation. Properly drafted leases, for example, are crucial in safeguarding your property and assets.

Should litigation arise, whether due to contract breaches, collection issues, allegations of law violations, or other disputes with tenants, Zaharevich Law Office PLLC is equipped to assist you through every stage of the process, including robust courtroom representation.

Zaharevich Law Office PLLC handles landlord-tenant cases in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, Maryland. We manage various issues, including failure to pay rent, wrongful detainer, tenant holding over, breach of lease, and violations of the Consumer Protection Act. Our extensive experience in landlord-tenant court ensures you receive knowledgeable and experienced counsel every step of the way.

For Commercial Tenants

Zaharevich Law Office PLLC leverages years of experience to support clients renting property for commercial or residential purposes. Many clients seek assistance with reviewing leases for their businesses or residences. By hiring a skilled, experienced attorney familiar with rental property intricacies, you can ensure your best interests are protected before entering an agreement with a property owner. Additionally, if disputes arise regarding repairs, unsafe conditions, or other contractual issues, a tenants’ rights lawyer can negotiate with landlords directly or represent you in court.

For Property Owners

For Property Owners, the Decision to Become a Landlord Is a Common One

Whether you’ve decided to become a landlord, rent the property for your business, or are exploring the best course of action for your personal or professional endeavors, consulting a landlord and tenant law attorney will help you start on the right foot. Zaharevich Law Office assists in resolving or litigating disputes as needed, ensuring your interests are protected. Many clients seek legal representation in landlord-tenant disputes, while others request advice on real estate leases and rental properties before any conflicts arise.

Why You Need a Property Attorney

A Maryland landlord-tenant attorney ensures everything is done legally and correctly from the outset and handles any problems that may arise in the landlord-tenant relationship.

In property law, small details matter. Many property owners, buyers, landlords, and renters encounter problems due to inadequate contract review or improperly drafted language. Zaharevich Law Office can draft and review commercial leases, ensuring agreements are mutually beneficial and tailored to the specific property and parties involved, avoiding vague, non-specific leases that lead to legal issues.

  • Hiring a skilled property attorney is the best way to protect your interests. Zaharevich Law Office can:
  • Review and draft documents to ensure clarity and customization to your needs
  • Keep you compliant with laws and industry best practices
  • Help resolve lease disputes effectively
  • Handle legal issues and advocate for you in disputes or lawsuits
  • Advise on eviction procedures

Don’t leave anything to chance with property agreements. Contact Zaharevich Law Office PLLC at 202-747-6478 to schedule an appointment.

Helping Landlords

We assist landlords with all property-related matters. Being a landlord can be challenging, so we ensure compliance with Maryland law and that contracts are drafted with your business’s best interests in mind. Whether dealing with problematic tenants or regulatory compliance, landlords often feel disadvantaged. However, the law can also support you. Properly drafted leases are vital before renting a property. Always consider your legal options if you have tenant or authority issues.

Zaharevich Law Office PLLC defends its client’s rights, protects landlords from tenant exploitation, and ensures compliance with Maryland regulations. Contact our office at 202-747-6478.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Maryland Landlord-Tenant Law Questions

By helping landlords avoid costly mistakes and charging reasonable fees, we enable them to invest in their business as they see fit. Daniel Zaharevich builds trust-based relationships, seeking to resolve clients’ interests and providing sound legal advice in various law areas.

For more information about the office’s services, contact Zaharevich Law Office PLLC today. The firm assists clients in Montgomery and Prince George’s County, Maryland. Schedule a free consultation by calling 202-747-6478 or filling out our online form.